Since Japan is populated, it is sometimes difficult to meet the Japanese market to break, that would be a violation of the markets. If, however, are able exploitinstallations near the shore, or possibly from offshore installations, in May you enjoy the wind. But if you are in front of society, there will always be more expensive because the construction of the foundations. The wind is too strong and May this be an increase in costs. The team must also be constantly updated, because the technology comes from day to day. Therefore, the price for the kilowatt-hour has been reduced because the plants are always more efficient. Therefore, if the comparison of wind energy with other types of energy present in the field of wind energy is one of the best. Therefore, it is necessary that the places near the sea, where there is lots of wind, then a price comparable to the price in other industries. Take the example of the largest manufacturers of wind turbines located in Denmark Vestas Company. The company has in Japan, focusing on wind energy to generate electricity. Vestas is currently in search of places for their plants, therefore, for the purpose of research and development in this area.

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In Japan, you get the feeling that people should be able to their own energy, if it is not imported energy. Consequently, despite isolated on an island, is the need to increase the production of energy, but with so few resources, it is almost impossible. Therefore, Japan has the need for investment in the production of energy and is a foreign investment to the implementation of solutions in Japan. Only by this method is that Japan will be able to be energy-independent. It enables companies such as Vestas to participate in the research, Japan is in full expansion, as he is actively looking for energy production. If the wind energy produced, arguably one of the most powerful on this day.

Other hand, the production of energy under the name ofmicrohydoelectric power has a tendency in the Japanese world, because Japan is the focus of a multitude of rivers and streams in the mountains, are places installmicrohydoelectric ideal for plants for generating energy from water. This movement was known as the development of technology and new energy technologies. For comparison on the label the name of mini hydro-electric capacity of more than one million kilowatts of electricity.

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It is noted that the power plants, the two asmicro mini and small hydropower are available for the production of electricity in the regions of higher mountain regions. For example, it is helpful in the creation of electricity in these regions. The water for the city of Kawasaki or Natural Energy Company, headquartered in Japan and the Energy, headquartered in Tokyo. These plants have certain properties that were involved that day, so that the development of hydropower in Japan.