There has been much discussion about "free energy" because this definition is the energy directly from the atmosphere in large quantities without affecting the environment. The discussions focused on whether there are free energy, and how much will it cost to produce in large scale, the dispute arose, and what a lot of efficiency, as has plenty? What is effective? The potential of research in this area is to operate in its largest, so something new must be discovered before the free energy.

The term "free energy" was invented, too diverse. People use this term to describe a facility for collection and transmission of energy from one source to another, but also todescribe something that shows the need for energy without the cost or even the name of the machine of perpetual motion. Although it is not to say, keep in mind that the machine in perpetual motion, which by the use of energy, by itself, and it was the invention, a concept that is not workable. There are in the ground that the machinery can be activated, and then start their own energy into infinity, without the use of all resources from outside. Technology, however, has been increasing over time and new technologies have the old ones, leading to the efficient and less energy-consuming approaches.

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But can not reach, provided the technology to the whole energy in the free space, and this idea is also something that has not been applied so far. Therefore, to maximize the potential of the atoms around energyamounts enormous. This is possible in los'40s showed in the nuclear energy for all skeptics that we can produce quantities of energy. Flying was also to the invention Wright brothers successfully fly the first time at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Those who have the ideas of "free energy", that humankind can do much energy from the place called Point Zero. These are the states where a system is in the mechanics and then there comes the time when the child is the energy points. Also known as "country", the zero point energy is also known as "residual energy" because they provide an alternative to the production of energy. This idea was first introduced by Albert Einstein, with Otto Stern.

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This idea is also used to determine the energy of the void, if the study of quantum mechanics, for example. It is used to the idea to empty. The energy produced in the interior of the vacuum cleaner is at the base of the waterfall, to the idea, who the idea, Hal Puthof. Puthof gives an explanation for the origin, which means that if the universe has been completely frozen, energy fromzero still there. Nevertheless, we know not whether it is only the consequences of the fact that this matter in quantum physics, or whether this is the result of another phenomenon. Therefore, the search for the hull a large amount of energy is extremely difficult to do, and there are also questions on how the severity or the inertia influence this part of the discussion.

These questions remain unanswered, and they create a great interest in the academic world, as it proved difficult to attract a changing world, where the search for resources for the survival or the disappearance of the environment. That is why the human race make progress in the category of energy and be able to go forward with the investigation realistic. New engineering solutions in the future can be invented to help, that the emission of atoms, molecules, lasers, and other aspects of the research.