Biofuels produced from the processing of organic fuel for the human race can be supplied with energy. Biofuels are also other possibilities, the use of fossil fuels that have already been exhausted in the near future. Biofuels are under the name of ethanol, ie, from plants of sugar cane, maize and vegetable oil. But not all products from the ethanol can be used for energy production. The International Energy Agency for the restoration came to the conclusion that the ethanol can be increased by ten per cent of all amounts that the essence of humanity since 2025, and thirty percent of up to 2050. So far, the still relatively low, only two percent.

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Nevertheless, we can always find a way to get the practice and the economic changes in the way that the current biofuels and future developments in the energy sector. Studies by scientists so far have shown that bio-fuels in May as oil and energy efficiency than traditional fossil fuels. In this sense, we can easily an impression on you is the long-term effect. We need a lot of energy, the skeptics, the provision of energy and can be done to ensure that a type of energy source which is not exhaustive. Currently, fossil fuels are too few resources on the higher levels, so it is important to have a backup plan, the rule in a few years from now on.Research has also pointed out that the products produced renewable ethanol from corn twenty percent is effective in comparison to the relative success of petrol or sixty-five percent energy efficiency.

Therefore, it is important to note that the alternative energy and are thus in the development of biofuels, ethanol from cellulose proved nineties and five percent, so even more than the efficiency of gasoline.

For example, for analysis in the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, on a much larger scale and the availability of biofuels used for energy. For the region on the impact of this technology, the price of oil can be reduced and therefore also in connection with the decline in crude oil forty U.S. dollars per barrel or even less. Therefore, it is easily possible, and probably will, without doubt, the energy industry have a negative impact on the industry for fossil fuels. Some say that the analysis of alternative energy sources so that biofuels, offering seven percent of the total energy for the movement in 2030. The market for energy are likely to be affected in an irreversible process, so that the institutions and governments can not regulate the impact of biofuels. If the government, however, depending on the company to subsidize the promotion and distribution of biofuels, most environmentally friendly alternatives have a better chance to be the norm. Everywhere in the world, several countries are involved and committed to the use of biofuels more against the use of conventional fuels.

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These countries are Brazil, occursto the largest producer of ethanol from each of them. It will mainly ethanol from sugar, about half a billion liters of ethanol per year in production. Although the largest consumer of fuel in the ground at this time, the United States is the second largest country in the production of biofuels, Brazil justbehind.

Therefore, the amount of biofuels by the European Union in the amount of up to an amount of four million tonnes of biofuels. Approximately eighty percent of the amount of biodiesel in the EU from rapeseed and soybean oil and palm oil, as a certain amount. These sources are responsible for the remaining twenty percent of the production of biofuels in Europe.