This is a list of notable wind turbine manufacturers.

Top 10 wind turbine manufacturers (Source: BTM Consult ApS - March 2008)

  1. Vestas (Denmark)
  2. GE Energy (United States)
  3. Gamesa (Spain)
  4. Enercon (Germany)
  5. Suzlon (India)
  6. Siemens (Germany)
  7. Acciona (Spain)
  8. Goldwind (China - PRC)
  9. Nordex (Germany)
  10. Sinovel (China - PRC)

Other notable wind turbine manufacturers include Alstom Ecotècnia, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Southwest Windpower, and Clipper Windpower. Mitsubishi has installed over 2,250 turbines worldwide[1], with 356 of their 1 MW series turbines installed in the United States in 2007 alone.[2] Clipper, in its first year of production, installed 19 of its 2.5 MW turbines in the U.S. in 2007[2] with hundreds more in the pipeline for 2008 and beyond.


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