A repeller is an airstream receptor used to drive wind turbine generators. The term is rarely used in English, but commonly accepted in German to differentiate between the airfoil of a wind turbine's rotor and an airplane's propeller. In connection with wind turbines the term rotor can be used alike, but since a helicopter has a rotor as well the term rotor is not as precise as repeller.

Problem with the term repeller Edit

The term repeller was adopted to differentiate between a wind turbine's rotor and a propeller. Propeller originates from latin term propellere which means to move something forward. Since a propeller makes air move and by doing that produces propulsion, the term applies well. Repeller originates from latin term repellere which means to repel. Since a repeller does not truly repel wind, but converts wind power into mechanical motion, the term is less appropriate to characterize what a repeller does. Therefore, some people claim that wind power converter is more suitable than repeller regarding wind turbine rotors.

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